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Literature Review, due in Unit 8. The Literature Review provides
information about your problem or question and may suggest a course of action based
on existing research.
Assignment Description
In Unit 8, you will submit a literature review. The literature review integrates the annotated bibliography you created in Unit 5 into a coherent four- to six-page paper that provides a summary of the resources you have chosen that are related to your inquiry topic. While the annotated bibliography is a list of readings with your summary comments, the literature review integrates the ideas from the sources you have chosen and relates them to your inquiry proposal.

Your paper should include an introduction and a conclusion. The body of the paper discusses the concepts from your different resources, grouped by topic or idea. A list of resources, each with its own summary, is not considered the best approach to a literature review. Discuss a concept or theme instead, and integrate the ideas from several resources into the discussion. The body should include statements about how various authors’ findings or opinions are in agreement, or how they represent differing viewpoints.

The literature review involves the demonstration of the following skills:

1.”Information seeking: the ability to scan the literature efficiently, using manual or computerized methods, to identify a set of useful articles and books” (Taylor and Procter, 2004).
2.”Critical appraisal: the ability to apply principles of analysis to identify unbiased and valid studies” literature or articles (Taylor and Procter, 2004).
3.Synthesis: the ability to synthesize results into a summary of what is and not known. It is not just a descriptive list of the material available or a set of summaries, but rather, a synthesis of the information available on the topic. “The process of synthesizing involves interpreting, evaluating, and integrating individual pieces of literature to create a new, original written work” (Pan, 2003, p.1).
Searching for the following types of resources can assist you in developing your literature review:

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