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You will write a short literary analysis of one of the stories from week three. Your paper needs to make a statement about one of the stories and support and develop that statement through the use of the story. Your paper should, in some way, address the relevance or significance of the story or some part of it. Make connections to present day cultural or societal implications, historical significance, age or gender related issues, or artistic value or technique, etc. Our discussions and in-class work should help clarify what this means and may look like.

You should avoid citing from other sources outside the text unless you are bringing in a point of contextual analysis avoid reading ‘experts’ analysis of the stories and instead rely on your thoughts and possibly information pertaining to historical, cultural, societal (and others listed above in paragraph 1) elements.

Your paper should have a clear introduction, thesis statement, developmental paragraphs and conclusion. Your grade will be determined on basic writing components as well as how clearly you present your thoughts and ideas on the subject. Your paper should be 2 pages and follow MLA style. If your paper goes a little over 2 pages that is fine. You will be submitting this paper to SafeAssignment.

When writing about literature it is fine to write in the present tense, Anders begins to laugh at the robbers because.

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