Business and Academic skills Custom Essay

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Choose one of the three sample essay topics below:

? The use of social media in business can be said to improve the potential profitability of a business. Discuss.
? Outsourcing within the supply chain can have its advantages and disadvantages to a business. Discuss.
? Meeting customer expectations in today’s economy can be challenging to a small business, both in resources and profitability. Discuss.

1. Write 4-6 paragraphs (minimum one typed page) relating to this essay topic (ie it should read as an ‘excerpt’ of an essay). You do not have to include an introduction, although you may find it easier if you do.
2. Within your paragraphs, you must provide evidence that you know how to cite sources ‘ whether through paraphrasing, short quotes or long quotes. In total, you must have a minimum of 12 citations, 6 of which must be from different sources (ie different authors).
3. You are to provide a reference list for the sources used within the paragraphs.

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