Business and Marketing Essay: Feasibility study for the lunch of a new luxury casino operation in a destination resort named “Saint Stephen” Essay

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Feasibility study for the lunch of a new luxury casino operation in a destination resort named “Saint Stephen”. It is a seaside resort in western MONTENEGRO, in the former Republic of Yugoslavia. Aims of the project:
1) to emulate a real life business situation, which is intended for an audience sophisticated in their overall commercial expertise but less knowledgeable in operating & marketing a successful casino operation
2) the report should take into consideration: socio-economic, environment, financial, marketing, demographic and consumer demand factors as well as specific casino management skills
3) specifically it should cover: a demand analysis; marketing opportunities; casino management and logic factors
4) conclusions should be carefully considered especially taking in account political, cultural and economic factors in the region P.S. I need 2 pieces of work of the same topic, but different. Without plagiarism among themselves. So I will pay two times, and it is not mistake! If you use internet resources, can you keep the whole hyperlink at the end at the reference list. Thank you very much and I am very grateful for your work and efforts, best regards.

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