Business Ethics Custom Essay

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Review Chapter 7 in the textbook ( Business Ethics: A stakeholder &issues Management Approach. By. Joseph W. Weiss) and the provided Chapter 7 Sakai content: Study Notes
Individual Assignment Instructions:
Create a document that addresses the following questions

1. Identify two major trends in the changing demographics of the work force. Explain how you as a student or an employee may now or could be affected by these trends. Identify the moral tensions and/or conflicts that could lead to illegal and/or unethical behavior associated with the changes you have identified.

2. Do you believe an ‘equal playing field’ regarding access to educational institutions, jobs, and other employment opportunities for all individuals and groups in the United States is available today? Explain. Do you believe women should still be a protected group under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act? Explain. Do you believe minorities of different races in the U.S. other than Caucasian should still be protected? Should you agree, which group(s)? Should you disagree, explain why.

3. Describe a situation from your own experience, or that of someone you know, in which blowing the whistle was justified. Was the whistle blown? Why or why not? Under what circumstances do you feel whistle-blowing is justified?

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