Business Ethics: “Magnetic Toys Can Hurt” Case Analysis Custom Essay

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Second Assignment: Due on the last day of week 6
Your assignment is to search for three reading activities that develop comprehension or word skills.
These activities may be from your own classroom experiences, educational print sources and/or the Internet
One activity must be suitable for an early learner. One activity should be focussed on a student(s) in the later primary division to grade ten. The third activity could be for any grade division. Clearly identify if the activity develops comprehension or word skills.

Title the activity and identify the Specific curriculum reading expectations statements, from the Ontario Curriculum Revised 2006. List the approximate grade levels. Describe how an Educational Assistant would modify or use accommodations for this reading activity. Your description, of each of the reading activities and its use, should be detailed enough so that others could do the activity. Remember to cite print and Internet resources and references.

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