Business Management Memo: Scope for Improvement Essay

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Under your leadership FYC company has grown tremendously. It has been able to capture both residential and commercial customers and enlarged its market share in the market. The growth of the company has strained the current operational systems as it strives to serve the increased number of customers and internal operations to meet the needs of the customer. Therefore there is need to automate most of the operations to meet the growing demand of the company and offer timely services to our customers….

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It is important we upgrade the system to eliminate the voluminous paper transactions which are tiresome, slow and prone to errors. Computerization will ensure that deliveries and invoices will no longer be late as it has been the tradition. Placing of orders, preparations of the orders goods, invoicing and deliveries records will be on real-time which will eliminate wastage of time hence increased income to the company due to effective utilization of time and labor available…

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Finally you are expected to be in the forefront in encouraging the employees of the company on the importance of the systems upgrades which will be done. This shall make it more efficient to study the existing system, analyze it, design new system and implement it with ease and less resistance as opposed to if they are not involved fully in the change over process. Computerization will add value to the company operations and makes it lead technologically among other compotators in the industry which shall make it have a higher competitive edge than them….

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