Business Modeling: Decision Making Essay

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Decision Support Systems (DSS) are used to support decision makers in different levels of managements and are of different forms. For the purpose of this paper I shall evaluate three forms of decision support systems used in GROSS, Holsapple and Read & Baston. The Decision Support Systems are very much important in management of any organization as it is used to support the decision makers to make sound decisions which will support the operations of the business. Any business is driven by decisions formulated to carry on their operations the decisions would be for immediate operations which are decisions made daily ….

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Language System (LS) is the first subsystem in decision support systems and it’s used to accept the knowledge required in making decisions which should be clear, provide help, recall, clarify and derive. Knowledge System (KS) is used to store multiple knowledge which originate from Problem Processing Process (PPS) or provides the information needed by (PPS) for decision making. The knowledge system has descriptive, reasoning, linguistic, assimilative and presentation and procedural knowledge…

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In conclusion although DSS is used to ease decision making it shall also need to be upgraded often to meet the changing needs of the customers and users in the library. By upgrading it the system shall be able to tap new technology and improve on it as well by incorporating new features and needs of the users to make the DSS more effective and relevant. It is also important to train the users competently as success of the any system is based on the skills which they users have (Barr Et al. 2001)….

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