Business Proposal; emphasis on economic justifications on what you determine needs taking place custom essay

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Write a business proposal for your chosen company placing emphasis on economic justifications on what you determine needs taking place.

In your proposal, you must give the following information:

? An introductory product market analysis to include supply and demand trends the market now faces and the prospects for overall market growth and price movements.

? A justification and description for the identified industry structure in which your company is or will be operating within and its future prospects. You need describe the degree of competition you are facing or will face.

? Identification and discussion of your product?s demand curve?s price elasticity, how this affects your pricing of your product and your company?s revenues.

? Identification and discussion of your anticipated market share for your product and your cost structure.

? Identification and discussion of potential profits going forward given your identified market and industry trends as well as your companies plans for growth.

Note all aspects must be justified economically.

Format your business proposal consistent with APA guidelines.

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