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This coursework follows on from your work in PPD1. (If you are not taking PPD1 please ensure that you pick up some additional notes from your ITFA tutor or from Moodle. The format of your submitted assignment is a business report addressed to a POTENTIAL INVESTOR.

Required length ? 1,500 words +/- 10% [excluding references, bibliography and appendices]. Please ensure that you state the word count at the end of your report.

You have been calculating the accounting ratios and evaluating the financial performance of Stagecoach Group plc, a large transport company. You should select either First Group plc or National Express Group plc, which operate a similar business, and provide a performance comparison between Stagecoach Group plc and your chosen company.

Your performance analysis should include possible reasons for the past performance of the companies and expectations for future performance.

The resources you should use to prepare your report include:

? The published Annual Report and Financial Statements
o Income Statement, Statement of Financial Position and Statement of Cash Flows
o Notes to the Financial Statements
o Chairman?s Statement
o Chief Executive?s Report
o Business Review (Operating and Financial Review)
o 5-year performance summary
? The two companies? websites (Investors? section) where you will find a surfeit of information including their annual reports, presentations, and press releases.
? Analysis by experts and interested parties, eg market analysts, newspaper reports, etc

These resources are available online. (Ensure that you include the appropriate references in your report when you use online resources.)

In your report you should identify and comment upon both the similarities and differences between your two companies.

You should conclude with your advice as to whether an investment should be made, explaining any assumptions you have made.

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