BYMP On Southwest Airlines Custom Essay

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I need to Develop promotion strategy for your marketing planon Southwest Airlines.

To develop the promotion strategy for your marketing plan, follow the steps suggested in the planning phase of the promotion decision process described in Figure 18-6.

1. You should (a) identify the target audience, (b) specify the promotion objectives, (c) set the promotion budget, (d) select the right promotion tools, (e) design the promotion, and (f) schedule the promotion.

2. Also specify the pretesting and posttesting procedures needed in the implementation and control phases.

3.Finally, describe how each of your promotion tools are integrated to provide a consistent message.

(Kerin, Roger A.. Marketing, 9th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions p. 485).


The promotion decision process includes planning, implementation, and evaluation.

(Kerin, Roger A.. Marketing, 9th Edition. McGraw-Hill Learning Solutions p. 475).

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