career in radiology/what it is like becoming a radiologist custom essay

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Select a Career in Health Care. (This may be general or specific. General: Nursing. Specific: Public Health Nurse. Be careful not to select a career that another student has already chosen for their project?see the discussion board if in the online class, or talk with the instructor if in the classroom class).
2. Submit Your Selection to the instructor by the due date (see study schedule–for online classes, look at the discussion board).
3. Conduct Research to Determine:
Overall Description of Career including (5% each subsection below):
– Descriptionofwhattheydoeveryday.
o Occupational requirements
– Example: background check, immunizations, physical requirements, etc.
o Recommendations for success in this career
– Example: Recommendations for useful personal qualities, ethical responsibilities, etc.
o Educational requirements
– Educationpathorstairwayifthereisone
– Whereeducation/trainingcanbeobtainedforeachstepinthestairway
o Governing agencies
– State level and/or professional organizations. Certifying agencies (may or may not be the same as
governing agencies).
o Licensure/certification: If/how one achieves certification, licensure, registration, etc. to practice in this career.
Description of Job Outlook (5% each subsection below)
o What is the upward career path for the entry level job in this career o What are the pay ranges along the career path
o What are the predictions for growth in this field
o What trends or changes may significantly impact this career
(5%) Your own thoughts and opinions about this career?anything you found surprising about it, something you were particularly interested in, why you would (or would not) pursue this career yourself, etc. Include what completing this project has done for you and whether or not you have decided to start/continue on this career path.
4. Compile all of the above into a written paper in your own words (not copied text or slightly modified text). The objective is to see that you learned something from researching this career.
(5%) Use 12-point Times New Roman font, single spaced, 1? margins all around. Other than these format items, there?s no need to include anything formal such as footnotes, etc. Include the title for each section at the beginning of that section so that each part of the project is clearly defined. Example:
JOB ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: The person in this job would be checking in patients, taking blood, and documenting the patient?s vital signs.
OCCUPATIONAL REQUIREMENTS: This professional would need to have had a background check, updated immunizations (including hepatitis B, MMR, and TB titer), and they would need a clean bill of health.
(-1% each spelling/grammar error) Watch spelling and grammar. Proofreading errors will be deducted from the grade. (25%) The paper must be at least 3 full single-spaced typed pages (the interview, bibliography, and job announcements listed below are in addition to the 3-page minimum paper).

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