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This is a Case Study Memo or Case Study Analysis from a business article. This is for Business class/course. Please answer this questions in the case study/analysis> What is Disney’s strategy? Did the ABC acquisition make sense? Why has Disney been so successful for so long? Has Disney gone too far with their diversification (expansion into other businesses) plan? Did the acquisition of ABC and Pixar make strategic sense? Are there business units Disney should divest of? Should Disney own retail stores? use business perodicals and the Internet to update case information to answer the questions. Please follow and answer all questions accordingly throughout the analysis. Remember this is for Business Policy class. This is the link to the Case. REMEMBER, it is the fifth(5th) link or icon down in google. It is in pdf format.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=9e7e71450ecd8df6 Thank you

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