Case analysis: Gallaway Golf Canada Custom Essay

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The report analysis of Callaway Golf Canada will include all the sections of a complete case report—i.e.
(1) Statement of the problem or major issue facing the decision maker.
 Identification of the decision maker(s) and the decision he/she/they must make on behalf of the business firm.
 Key issue(s) / challenge(s) / problem(s) faced by the firm and the decision maker that make(s) the decision difficult. Sometimes they create a dilemma for the decision maker. Usually these are not explicitly identified in the case, and the student must use judgement, analysis, reasoning to figure out what the key issue(s)/challenge(s)/problem(s) is(are).
(2) Situation analysis of the firm’s internal and external environments including an analysis of the competitive environment.
 The firm
• Ownership & Management
Are their many owners and managers?
How complicated is decision making in this firm? Where is(are) the decision maker(s) in the firm’s organisation structure?
What are the objectives, goals or preferences of the owners (or directors on the board or senior managers)?
Do some of these people have conflicting or inconsistent objectives, goals or preferences?
• Current strategy
What exactly is the firm’s current strategy?
How is it trying to compete against other firms in its industry?
Is it working?
• Mission
Does the firm have a mission statement?
If so, is it consistent with what they are actually doing?
If not, can you figure out what their mission is from the decisions they have made before now?
• Current markets:
Who are their current customers? Are their customers the consumers and end users of their product or are they “middlemen”? What do their customers want from the product or service? What do the consumers or end users want?
Do they have different types of customers?
Are some types of customers more profitable (or more troublesome) compared to other types?
How do they communicate with their customers?
What is the firm’s pricing like compared to the competition?
How much market share does the firm have?
• Financial & other Quantitative Analysis:
** Revenue & cost structure? Profit structure/profitability
** Financing

Work with numbers in the case to draw conclusions about what is going on the firm.
** Draw conclusions just from comparing numbers in the case.
For example, if you have the firm’s financial statements for 2 or 3 years, you can see whether profits on the income statement are increasing or decreasing and draw conclusions about whether the firm is doing better or worse recently.
For example, if the case gives a figure about average profitability for all the firms in the industry that you can compare to the profitability of the firm in the case, you may be able to draw a conclusion about how successfully the firm is competing against its rivals in the industry.
** Do simple calculations with the numbers that might give results that allow you to draw conclusions.
For example, if you have final statements with the firm’s revenues and costs for 2 years showing that both its revenues and its costs are rising from year 1 to year 2, but that your calculations show that its costs are rising faster than its revenues, you might conclude that the firm is operating inefficiently.

 What is (are) the industry(ies) in which the firm competes? Note that a single firm may be operating several lines of business (several different products and/or services).
 Competition
• Who are the other firms in its industry? Which firms dominate the industry in terms of size, resources, and market share?
• How do firms in the industry compete for customers? — (a) low price, (b) leading edge product technology, (c) customised service to each customer, (d) efficient service, (e)high quality products, (f) heavy promotion & advertising? How does the firm in the case measure up to the way most firms in the industry compete?
 Key Success Factors in the Industry
What are the most successful firms in the industry are doing well that less successful firms are not? What features or skills or resources or strategies are necessary for competing successfully in the industry? How does the firm in the case compare to its competitors with regard to these features, resources, skills or strategies?
 SWOT analysis of the firm in the case
• Strengths
• Weaknesses
• Opportunities
• Threats
• Firm’s competitive advantage, if any?

(3) Statement and evaluation of the most important decision options or alternatives
This section identifies the strategic options or alternatives that the decision maker is considering or should consider when making his/ her decision. It evaluates those options in term of the pros and cons of each option as a solution to the key issue(s) or problem(s) identified in section 1.
 Identify the alternatives management/ owners are considering
 Can you think of better ones?
 Present the 2 or 3 best ones
• Pros & cons of each alternative or option
** Quantitative pros & cons (e.g., how will this option affect profitability, costs, revenues, etc.
** Qualitative (i.e., strategic) pros & cons
(4) A recommendation along with Justification.
Pick the best strategic options or alternatives from Section (3).
Justify your choice by showing that your recommendation addresses the issue(s)/problem(s)/challenge(s) you identified in section (1).
Elaborate on the actions the firm must take if it takes this option or alternative to address its disadvantages. [Remember: every option has disadvantages as well as advantages.]
(5) A plan for implementing the recommendation.
 What actions need to be taken?
 When? i.e., timing, scheduling?
 Who in the firm (individuals or units) will be responsible for each action?
 What resources or skills are necessary for accomplishing each action? Where will they come from? This may include a plan for financing the actions required in the implementation plan.

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