Case analysis: human resources management in media custom essay

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1) You are required to select a real-life case based on media research. For example, an event reported in newspaper, websites, etc., pertinent to Human Resource Management. The news I had chosen is Qantas Creates Jetstar Hong Kong

2) Analyzing the case from two to three related angles (i.e. topics covered in the unit). E.g., HR strategy, Planning, Performance management, Employee development, Career management, Staffing, Compensation, Ethics, etc.
3) Analyses the case using theories or techniques learnt from, but limited to, the unit. The reading list (books, journal articles & websites) provided in Section 4 (Unit Resources) provides you with a spring-board to start with. You are encouraged to explore further.
4) In your analysis, you need to cite at least 5 refereed journal articles.
5) Assignment writing requirement:
a. STYLE: This assignment is a ?theory-enhanced?, analytical ?report?.
a) Your need first to ?tell the story? (a brief description of the event). This part is Not counted in word limit.
b) Your subsequent analysis and recommendations should to be supported by Theories

a) Attach either soft-copy of the articles or hardcopy of their first pages
b) Your reference should be separated into two sections.
i. First part is the sources of the event (e.g., website, newspapers, etc.).
ii. The second part is the materials you used to guide or support your analysis.

Marks will be based on the following:
1. Case documentation: 20%
2. Problem identification & analysis: 45%
3. Conclusions and recommendations: 15%
4. Report presentation & referencing: 20%

The reading list as follow:
Australian Master Human Resources Guide. 2003. Sydney: CCH Australia Ltd.
Australian Centre for Industrial Relations Research and Training (ACIRRT). 1999.
Australia at Work: Just Managing? Sydney: Prentice Hal.
Buford, J. A. Jr., & Lindner, J. R. (2002). Human resource management in local
government: Concepts and applications for HRM students and
practitioners. Cincinnati, OH: Southwestern.
Cascio, W. F. (2010). Managing human resources: Productivity, quality of work
life, profits. McGraw-Hill.
Cai, M. (2010) Diary of a Taxi Driver: True Stories From Singapore’s Most
Educated Cabdriver. Aktive Learning (ISBN-10: 9810850204 / ISBN-13:
Fang Lee Cooke, F. L. (2011) Human resource management in China: New
trends and practices. Routledge Asian Studies, Taylor & Francis Group.
Leopold, J. & Harris, L (2009). Strategic managing of human resources (2nd ed).
England: Prentice hall.
Losey, M., Meisinger, S., & Ulrich, D. (2005). The future of human resource
management: Thought leaders explore the critical HR issues of today and
tomorrow. Alexandria, VA: Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Mello, J.A. 2006. Strategic human resource management (2nd ed). Thomson
Millmore, M., Lewis, P. Saunders, M., Thornhill, A. & Morrow, T. (2007). Strategic
human resource management: Contemporary issues. England: Prentice
Nankervis, A., Comptom, R. & Baird, M. 2004. Human resource management:
Strategies & processes (5th ed.). Victoria: Nelson-Thompson Learning.
Stone, R.J. 2008. Human resource management (60th ed.). Australia: John Wiley &
Stone, R.J. (ed). 1994-1997. Readings in human resource management (Vols. 1-
3). Brisbane: John Wiley & Sons

Apart from books, you will find it valuable to get into the practice of reading relevant
articles from journals.
Academy of Management Journal
California Management Review
Harvard Business Review HF5001 S1
Human Resource Management Journal
International Journal of Employment Studies HD5701 S3
International Journal of Human Resource Management HD4904.7.A1 S1
Personnel Journal Held on BPO
Personnel Management BPO (earlier HF5549.A2 S1)
Personnel Review
Sloan Management Review BPO (earlier HD28 S43)

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