Case: EBay Inc.: Bidding for the Future the book: the management of strategy concepts and cases. custom essay

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The summaries will include:
? 10 “highly relevant’ facts about the case (listed briefly)
? 6 key issues that you think are highly relevant to the case(be specific)
? A brief identifications of three of the firm’s core competences.
? A brief explanation of the firm strategy
? Provide one realistic/actionable recommendation for how you think the firm could have acted differently or improved it strategy (be specific)
? Times New Roman 12 with 1(2.5cm)margins

No need for the highly grammar stricture sentence
No need for high level of vocabulary.(financial vocabulary only)
No need for high stricture sentence
Must show that I have full knowledge and understanding of the course
Also notes that might be same orders from different costumers because the class has high number of student that might use so make sure please that I don’t get the same paper of other student because it happened before I get the same paper of one of my classmate and we both get F.
Thank you

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