Case Study A Risk Supplier custom essay

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you are required to follow the attached PDF for writing the report as it has the format required to answer the case.
Case is in word document file and it is called Case 7: A Risk Supplier the format to be followed is in file called Suggested Outline in Solving Business Cases be specific and up to the point.

if the case is talking about several problems happended, just select one of those problems and solve it and build the answer as per the outline.

in item 1 (time context) you have to spesefy spesific time frame when the problem happened in case there is no time frame, you have to assume with a reason (why you mentioned this time)

in item 6 of the Suggested Outline in Solving Business Cases at least three Alternative Courses of Action to be suggested if you are assuming you required to put the reason.

Note: we need the references just from internet (no books)

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