Case study and Writing Prompt; appropriate story for preschool children aged custom essay

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Instructions-Please complete each assignment to the fullest- Please write M5 Case Study at the top of the paper. Do not need a cover sheet.
1. Choose an appropriate story for preschool children aged (3-5 years).
2. Read to child. Describe specifically which of five (or all) aspects of language are fostered in the story.
3. Assess the child’s skill level regarding these language aspects.
4. Include which activities are needed to foster any needed language skill aspects.
5. You can create a chart format if desired. Be sure to be specific.
6. Be sure to include story title and author.

M5: Writing Prompt
Instructions-Please follow each assignment to the fullest ? Please write M5: Writing Prompt at the top of the page do not need a cover sheet.
? Write in paragraph format plans for two (2) activities that would foster the development of pragmatic language knowledge at the preschool level.
Include the following information:

? What is it?
? What are the procedures?
? What materials are needed?

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