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Read the case study (ClearVue) from the book website (name of the book: Innovation and Entrepreneurship)( under student resources (cases). For this case study analyze the following: – Simple SWOT analysis for the company – Simple industry analysis – Suggest a business definition – Analyze the production objectives for the company – Analyze the marketing strategy for the company o Monopoly strategy, bargaining power o Target segment, offer Moreover, I attached my course materials in PDF format file (named: MEM510 Class 8 Marketing). Please take a look on it before start analyzing the requirmentsm becuase it has the rquirments details needed. for example in production analysism you have to include theses details (Production Objectives ? Quantity: not only the number of units but all the physical attributes of the product ? Quality: quality of design, operational quality, quality systems?? ? Time: production time, response time, delivery timelines??.. ?
Cost: production cost, product price, how much PR

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