Case Study is Based on the Book Organizational Behavior Custom Essay

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This case study is based on the book Organizational Behavior 13th Ed which was authored by Robbins, Stephen and Judge, Timothy and published in 2008 in Upper-Saddle-River by Prentice Hall publishers.
Factors which leads to illegitimate political behaviors such as backstabbing. Backstabbing is mainly meant to shatter a colleague’s credibility; according to the essay backstabbing is attributed to tight job market, character disorder and blind ambitions. In addition to this backstabbing behavior is also attributed to people who are unsecure resulting to backstab others so that they are demoted or sacked….

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They try to climb ladder of success at work places by stepping on others through ruining their credibility. They are also cruel and nasty and just enjoy when hurting others and can backstab when they feel they are not getting credit due to them. Steps I would take to reduce or eliminate illegitimate political behavior….

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In conclusion finally, I will break any barriers to interpersonal trust among use and encourage team building for collective responsibilities of all those who are involved. By doing so those involved in backstabbing will change their behavior and cease to criticize individuals behind their back….

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