Case Study: The Chinese Fireworks Industry from International Management (Fifth Edition) custom essay

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The cases studies can be found in the book: International Management (Fifth Edition) Beamish, Morrison, Inkpen and Rosenzweig….

INTB 6000

STUDENT NAME: Adrian Zavagnini

“The Chinese Fireworks Industry”- Chapter 20 (pag. 339)
1. If you were Jerry Yu, would you invest in a Liuyang fireworks factory? Why?
2. If you were asked to provide advice to Liuyang Firecrackers and Fireworks Industry Department, as Jerry Yu, what would you say? For both questions use Porter?s Five Forces Model and a SWOT analysis.

“GM and AvtoVaz of Russia” ? Chapter 27 (pag. 449)

1. Why do GM and AvtoVaz need each other to build and market the Niva? Why can?t Avto Vaz build the new Niva on its own?
2. What are the implications for GM of the complex and confusing ownership structure of Avto Vaz? Does this threaten the ability of the two parties to successfully create a joint venture, and if it does what needs to be resolved by both parties in order to coincide a final agreement?

“Cameron Auto Parts” ? Chapter 25 (pag. 421)
1. Should Cameron have licensed McTaggart or continued to export?
2. Was McTaggart a good choice for licensee? If not, what other choices are available?

Finally I also need to answer the following question which is general and is not related to any case study.

Mention the pros and cons ? costs and benefits of entering foreign markets using licensing versus exporting, joint ventures, or wholly subsidiaries? Construct a table using any criteria you feel appropriate.

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