Cause and Effect Custom Essay

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In this essay, you will write a cause and effect discussion about your chosen topic. Each topic has several supporting texts to use as support; read some or all essays listed with the topic to help develop your ideas. You are welcome to do your own research for this essay but please be sure to share

Cause and effect is an in-depth examination of the relationship between causes and effects. It is not simply a list of causes or effects and you may discover that what is a cause and what is an effect depends on the specific interpretation of a reading. In this essay, you will use at least two paraphrases or quotes from at least one of the listed texts to support your ideas. The emphasis in your essay should be on your ideas.

Your essay will need to have all the characteristics of an academic essay including an effective thesis statement, focused topic sentences, strong organization, unified paragraphs, properly integrated and cited external sources, and a well-crafted introduction and conclusion. In selecting your topic and developing your ideas, be sure that your cause and effect points to a larger purpose, some lesson, insight or point that makes the cause and effect discussion important. Additionally, you should support your essay with well developed discussion that demonstrates how the causes result in the effects or how the effects result from the causes and the importance of that cause/effect relationship.

Use one of the following prompts, one which focuses on effects and the other which focuses on causes:

A prompt related to the Brent Staples essay: Choose one stereotype that is prevalent in American society and illustrate the effects of this stereotype. The effects of the stereotype may be positive, negative, or both. (Stereotypes you might consider could be based on ethnicity, race, gender, age, religion, disability, job, or socioeconomic status.) Be sure to read the essays listed below for ideas, supporting facts and/or examples. Your essay should clearly demonstrate how a particular stereotype affects the people who are stereotyped or who believe the stereotypes. Use any of the following sources to support your essay:

“Just Walk On By” by Brent Staples, page 448 in Patterns for a Purpose
“Untouchables” by Jonathan Kozol, page 275 in Patterns for a Purpose
“In the Kitchen” by Henry Louise Gates Jr. page 317 in Patterns for a Purpose
“Lullaby,” by Leslie Marmon Silko, page 461 in Patterns for a Purpose
“Society Fears the Aging Process” (the article has audio)
“Stereotypes impact academics, Study finds”
“Seventeen, Self Image and Stereotypes”
“Needed in class: a few good men”
“Study Says “Thinking Old” May Make The Elderly Shuffle”

A prompt related to the Dorothy Siegel essay: Respond to “What is Behind the Growth of Violence on College Campuses” with an essay that explains what you think main the main causes of violence and crime are at colleges. Did you find Dorothy Siegel’s argument that alcohol abuse and tolerance of behavior that leads to violence are the main causes persuasive? In order to answer this question, use the library databases to find at least two other sources that discuss the issue of violence on college campuses.

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