Causes of childhood obesity custom essay

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a. What are the 3 causes of childhood obesity discussed in the book and write a 4 sentences description of each cause.
b. What is the distinction between aptitude tests and achievement tests (3 sentences each)?
c. Define learning disabilities.
d. What do the terms mainstreaming and resource room mean?
e. Write a 3 paragraph (5 sentences each) description of ADHD.

The answers to question 2 will be found in chapter 12.
a. Write a 2 paragraph (3 sentences each) description of the Information -processing theory.
b. Define sensory memory, working memory, and long-term memory.
c. How does metacognition change from the preschool years to the school age years (3 sentences).
d. Describe (3 sentences each) the phonics approach and whole-language approach to language development. According to the textbook, which approach seems to work “best” and why?

The answers to question 3 are in chapter 13.
a. Define culture of children and social cognition.
b. Identify the fourth stage of Erikson’s psychosocial stage and write a 5 sentence description of the stage.
c. Give an example (3 sentences) of a child’s behavior in this stage.
d. Identify Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development and write a 3 sentence description of each stage.
e. Give an example (2 sentences each) of a child’s behavior for each stage.

For the 4th question, you will visit the 3 websites provided below.
4. View the following 3 videos and write a 3 paragraph summary (4 sentences each) for each video. Which video did you like best and why (4 sentences)?
The first video is on childhood obesity.

The second video is about the effect that parents have on their children’s diet

The third video is How to help your child develop healthy eating habits

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