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CHFD DB7 Instructions: This one will require you to conduct some research beyond the text readings, but don’t forget to link some text chapter and lecture concepts into your post as usual–and ideally to what you find in your research. 🙂 For this week’s discussion answer the following: 1- How do different sexual customs around the world increase the incidence of sexual dysfunction? For example, in countries where homosexuality is considered immoral, gay, lesbian and bisexual individuals may develop a sexual dysfunction related to guilt. This is an example of a psychological dysfunction. An example of a physical dysfunction: In countries where female genital mutilation is common, women may have hypoactive sexual disorder. What can the societies or governments do to help reduce the incidence of these dysfunctions? This is A DISCUSSION BOARD PAPER. Number of sources is 4, 1-lecture notes week 7 2- ebook human sexuality chapter 13, 15 &16 (will be attached) 1-you must integrate 2 in text citation in the post body from lecture notes. APA style *Lecture notes source crediting must be done using (Lecture _) in the post body with the lecture week number in the blank space and Lecture _ in the “References” list at the end of the post, also with the lecture week number in the blank space after the word Lecture. No direct quoting is allowed 2- you must integrate 3 (three) concepts discussed the weekly assigned textbook readings. *Below is how the course textbook should be source credited. *In the body of a post: (Greenberg, Bruess and Conklin, 2011, pg __) 3- you can use 2 outside sources to support your paper Below is how to source credit in the “References” list at the end of a post: *Greenberg, J.S., Bruess, C.E. & Conklin, S.C., (2011). Exploring the dimensions of human sexuality (4th ed.). Sudbury, Massachusetts: Jones And Bartlett Publishers. NOTE****Quotes are not allowed in this course, but you will need to include the course pages numbers for any textbook content on which your post is based.

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