choose the singer that you want and attcah video for a song and pic of him or her. custom essay

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This is an example from the instructor. choose the singer that you want and attcah video for a song and pic of him or her.

Gugun Power Trio is an Indonesian blues/rock band known by its original name, Gugun Blues Shelter, in the Far East. GPT has gone through several name changes- originally they called themselves The Blues Bug. This was followed by The Blue Hand Gang, Gugun and the Bluesbug, and finally Gugun Blues Shelter. Once they began releasing albums in Europe and North America, they adopted the name Gugun Power Trio in those markets. The star of the band is Gugun- a guitar player of unusual skill and intensity. He grew up listening to the great hard rock/blues guitarists of the 1960s and 1970s like Jimi Hendrix, Robin Trower and Pat Travers. The other members of the band are “Bowie” and “Jono”.
In the Summer of 2011, GPT won a fan vote in the Hard Rock Cafe’s 40th Anniversary Global Battle of the Bands contest for “region 2”, which covers Australasia.

Here’s a video clip of the band playing at the competition:
GPT at Hard Rock Jakarta
The band’s most recent album is Solid Ground:

Official website
Here’s the track “Vixen Eyes” from Solid Ground:

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