Classics English literature Custom Essay: William Shakespeare custom Essay

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Your final paper will be a thematic overview of the chosen author’s work using the selected work or works as examples of those themes you see. You must employ at least three distinct critical approaches, including a critique of the weaknesses in a critical analysis by another author (Biographical and Historical together count as ONE. Archetypal/mythological, psychoanalytical, feminist/gender, Marxist, cultural criticism and/or new historical criticism). You must of course quote from primary text, which means if it was a movie, you need the script.
At least 7 secondary sources must be quoted cited in EVERY paragraph. Also, Shakespeare’s works should be quoted and cited in EVERY paragraph (not included from the 7 secondary sources).

5 paragraph essay (Introduction should be short and straight forward.)
I really need an A on this paper, so please try your best.

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