Cognitive Information Processing Evaluation custom essay

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This is the third chapter of your cumulative paper on the four major learning theory categories in the psychology field. For this chapter, you will focus on cognitive information processing.
Cognitive information processing centers around the two-store memory model, where networks are formed in memory. Organization, elaboration, and rehearsal are processes that help form memory networks. The focus of cognitive information processing is the acquisition, storage, and retrieval of information and is a theory that is compatible with the findings in brain research and neuroscience.
For this paper, you are asked to examine specific aspects of the theory and compare it to the theories in your previous two chapters (Behaviorism and Social Cognitive). APA Style.
Requirements for this paper are as follow?..
? Summarize the major aspects of cognitive information processing.
? Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of cognitive information processing, in general.
? Apply cognitive information processing to a practical situation in your specialization (Child/Adolescence Development). Describe the situation, how the theory can be applied, and what the expected outcomes would be.
? Analyze the processes of memory and transfer in cognitive information processing.
? Compare behaviorism, social cognitive theory, and cognitive information processing.
? Write in a concise, balanced, and logically organized manner. Use grammar, punctuation, and mechanics expected of graduate-level composition, using the accepted form and style of the profession, including APA cited support and format.
? Style: Write in the third person as an impartial narrator. Avoid the use of me, us, or you. In particular, avoid phrases like “I think” in favor of phrases like “the evidence suggests” or “research indicates.” In science, personal opinion carries no weight unless it is supported by a combination of empirical research and statistical or logical-mathematical inference.

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