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From your commercial log identify commercials shown in over a 30 minute time period. Provide the number of advertisement shown, the name of the products/services advertised, and identify the target audience. In your opinion, which product/advertisement was the most successful and tell us why.

275 word response

Writing Assignment: Commercial Log
Commercial Log: Keep a log of each commercial message shown during a two hour segment. The log should include each separate commercial announcement including network ads for other shows (if you choose to change channels). Repeated commercials should be indicated as repeated in your log. Use and fill out the Commerical Log Form, found in Module 1.
Column One: Name of the product/service advertised
Column Two: Who is the target audience for the product?
Column Three: Do you think the advertisement is successful reaching its targeted audience? Why or why not?
Write a 2 page, double spaced reflection paper describing the overall target audience for the program(s), what you learned from this assignment and include any additional thought.
Submit your paper along with your commercial log to instructor at the end of module one.

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