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To show an understanding of how theory explains interpersonal action. This assignment requires you to dissect a relationship outside of your own relationships, providing you with an arm?s length view. Since you are not personally involved with these people you show me you can provide a non-biased opinion in theory application. In addition, for those able to complete this as a group assignment you have the added learning experience of working with others in a small group and improving your group interactions.
NO FLUFF I want theory application.
As with all assignments, writing errors will damage your grade. Edit your work carefully; this is a college level course and college level writing is expected. All assignments are accessed through the lessons and submitted there. The entire assignment should not exceed about 2.5 pages.
Follow these directions carefully:
Step #1
You will select one relationship from the media. It may be featured in a film or television show. We see these relationships everyday in the media but this time I want you to be aware of them from a theoretical point of view. You may work from memory if you do not have access to a television or film or a site online where you can view programs or movies. My guess is this will be very rare in a world powered by technology. If you have no access to popular media, you may create the assignment from your memory of a favorite film or television show. All students should use a media example recently viewed.

Select one scene or relationship interaction and describe it carefully. You will want to say who the people are, a brief history of their relationship, and anything I need to know about the individuals so I will understand the nuances of the interaction.

Write no more than one half (1/2) page for this section.

Next, you will tell me about the interaction, you know, who said what, how they said it, and so on. You will do this much the way you would tell a buddy about something you observed at a party or in the office the other day, sort of like gossip (not that any of us ever gossip). Don’t leave anything out that would cause me to misunderstand the interaction.

Write no more than one page for this.
Step #2
Using three theories or concepts from online lecture notes and/or your textbook analyze the relationship interaction, explaining why it works or fails to ‘work’ You may read ahead in the text or online lessons; don?t wait for me to discuss a topic this week to use it in this or any assignment. Remember, this is an exercise in theory and concept application so be sure to apply the theory or concept to the event of the relationship interaction, actually telling how the theory you select explains the interaction you present.

You MUST write the names of the theories or concepts in all caps and bold them.

At a glance, I should be able to see the names of the theories and concepts you applied.

Write no more than one page for this.

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