Communication Strategies Preferred Communication Style Custom Essay

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Self-awareness is very important. As we get to know ourselves, we can indentify barriers to acceptance by others. Use the attached document form to complete the self-assessment to determine your preferred communication style. Once you have identified your most preferred communication style, you have taken a big step in the direction of self-awareness.

Now that you have identified your preferred communication style, review the characteristics of your preferred style. In some work or social situations, you may find yourself exhibiting a communication style different than your preferred style. Reflect on a situation where you engaged in style flexing.
Write a memo (no more than two pages) addressing the following:
a) What is your preferred communication style?
b) How does your preferred style affect how you communicate?
c) Describe a situation where you engaged in style flexing.
d) What communication style did you display?
e) Did the movement away from your most preferred style improve communication?

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