Communications Campaign; You will create a new FMCG product (Fast Moving Consumer Good) choose a brand and product, custom essay

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Task – You will create a new FMCG product (Fast Moving Consumer Good) choose a brand and product, for example a new bag of crisps, health drink or chocolate bar. You need to carry out a below the line communications campaign to launch the product in the marketplace. (using PR, direct marketing, new media and sales promotions but not advertising)

You need to produce a 10 minutes presentation launching your product based on extensive research, reading and analysis. You work in the communications department for your chosen brand. Your Presentation needs to be an outline of your planned Communications Campaign. All work should be referenced using the Harvard System.

Suggested Presentation Structure:

Discuss and present mock up or visual of product ? This is an essential part of the presentation

1 – The problem, concern or opportunity

2 – Situational analysis

3 – Program goals and objectives

4 – Target public

5 – Communication Strategies

6 Implementation plans PR, Direct Marketing, Sales Promotion and New Media.

7 – Give details of any events, public relations activity, promotions, direct marketing and new media you will be using to launch your product.

8 -write a press release for the launch of your new product. Please include a spokesperson?s quote and use your imagination and be creative! Also write a suitable headline.( i have attached notes about press release)

9 – Campaign budget/costings (basic breakdown required)

10 – Assessment/research (How will you monitor the success of your campaign?)

11 ? References

Kindly, i have attached lecture slides hope you look at it to have an idea.

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