Community Health Nursing Custom Essay

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I have attached the exact task requirements.

The community that needs to be used for this assignment is: Salt Lake County, located in UTAH.

The suggested length is 4-6 pages, however I know they are wanting a more thorough paper so I have increased the pages in case more is needed.

The concepts of epidemiology needs to be thorough, as this is a heavily graded area.

I have attached the assessment tools that are listed on the bottom of the task requirements. These are considered tools, and they do not need to be filled out completely at all. They will not be turned in at all.

I have attached an example of a genogram that is required. I hope that helps.

The task graders grade strictly off of the grading rubric, and I always follow that when drafting a paper, as that is exactly what they will be looking for when they grade.

I will have very limited communication until Feb 16th, so if there is a problem and the deadline is approaching and I have not responded, the deadline is completely flexible. Also the number of references are open, so whatever is needed.

I will only available by email only as I won’t have cell phone coverage.

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