Community Health Project, Framework and Intervention Plan Custom Essay

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How will you actually reach out to your population and make a difference in their health? In this Application, you discuss the nuts and bolts of your intervention plan and propose creative strategies to make it work.

Begin by describing the theory or model with which you have planned your project. Remember that not all health promotion models are nursing theories and not all nursing theories are health promotion models. You may wish to abstract a nursing theory and health promotion model together and or add a practice change model as your readings have described in order to better meet the purpose of your project. After reviewing the most critical factors impacting this health issue and population, identify your program?s objectives and propose ways to fulfill these through effective and relevant strategies.

Include a minimum of 5 additional research articles or research-based reports related to the use of your selected theory/model and any of the factors impacting your health issue or population.

In a 7- to 10-page paper, describe a plan for health promotion or disease management for a population. Include the following:

1.Identify a model and/or theory you are using to guide your project and provide a rationale and evidence for this choice.
2.Assess 2 to 3 social, political, organizational, environmental, or cultural factors that negatively or positively influence the health issue or population. Explain how your plan will accommodate these factors.
3.Describe the health promotion/disease management intervention plan as follows:
?Summarize literature on similar health promotion/disease management efforts.
?List 2 or 3 objectives for this intervention. These may involve health behavior changes, communication, organizational changes, public policy, marketing, system changes, and sharing new information. (In the next Application, you will formulate these as measurable desired or expected outcomes, but here they may be stated more generally.)
?Explain how the intervention is appropriate for this population. This should reflect an understanding of diversity, disparities, and specific needs of the population.
4.Describe creative approaches for implementing your plan, including:
?Strategies for fulfilling objectives (e.g., set up support groups to be led by teenage diabetics)
?Potential partners and resources to draw on for organizational or funding support
5.Include at least 5 new references.

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