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hi, I want you to write me a companion essay that will be including my resume and cover letter. It will tell about the choices I made while making my resume and cover letter. For example, I may explain why I choose to put a certain job in my work experience. Explain why I wanted to work there and how it would help I reach the final job that I am applying for. I am going to write and send you all of my information. instructor wanted that, ” Describe why your decision on each key part review your job announcement (job skills, Job describe). Explain you and I cut? Why was it cut? How you reach your decision? Discuss the tools you have consulted the assignment? Did I talk anyone? Why did I check website? and type the name of website? which one is helpful? you can pretend.” this is my answers: First I think I have chosen this chapter because my major is about it, but I am sure you can find better reasons and ideas. I visited my instructor twice. We cut some requirements because my resume was 2 pages it supposed to be one page. I do not know how I reached my decision maybe it was close to my major. For tools, I used that translate my language to Englsih and they were really helpful. I did not talk with anyone I just visited my instructor.

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