Company / Operational Policies

Security Measures to Prevent Fraud

In order for to ensure your confidentiality and security in the payment process, we do not acquire any of  your credit card information when you make a payment. This is achieved by transmitting the payment directly through ALERT PAY or PAYPAL  processing systems. These companies are well known, credible, secure, and have a good reputation as online payment systems. only receives verification that the payment has processed successfully. has a sophisticated firewall system that ensures safety during the payments made to the company. We never reveal personal details of our customers. We treat you with full privacy so that no third party of any kind can discover that you are using our services. This has enabled students to use our services  confidentially for an academic career without any repercussions since 1997.
Refund Policy

If for some reason our writer’s services do not meet your satisfaction even after having the assignment revised, we will then forward your complaint to our quality assurance department. It is then the duty of the quality assurance department to investigate and ascertain that;

–  Your requirements and directions have not changed during the writing process.

–  Any allegations such as order being late or past the submission time are supported by credible evidence.

–  In rare cases that a student fails due to the writers work, this must also be supported by credible evidence.

If the quality assurance department has ascertained that the herein stated reasons are credible you are guaranteed a 100% refund of the amount paid.

Please note that Such Claims must be submitted within 14 days after the order is completed.
Terms of Service

Among the many things that guarantees are quality writing and submission in a timely manner. deals in writing all types of academic papers such as Thesis works,dissertations, assignment writing and coursework. We also specializes in writing web contents, admission essays, resumes, business research papers and even grant applications. We even do Power Point presentations!

1. Submitting Orders

Orders are placed by using our online order for order form found here .  After you place your order an account will then be created in our database.  Your log in details will arrive via email once the order is in our system. Upon processing of your payment a writer is then assigned based on the needs of your assignment. We do our very best to match your needs with a writer who is very experienced in your particular subject.  Subsequently, the order is completed in accordance with the deadline you select on the online order form.

2. Proceeding with the Payment

The time allocated for the order begins after the payment has processed for the order. Thus, upon the payment being received, a highly qualified, suitable writer starts working on it immediately. This procedure ensures the presence of high quality papers and guarantee for client’s satisfaction. We also ensures protection of our clients from suspicious online activities. For example, Primeessaywritings may require you to confirm your  identity with our  billing department, so as to avoid cases of fraud.

3. Checking the Email for Order Confirmation

Once your order is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email which contains all relevant information.. You must ensure that you save all your confidential account details. If you lose your details our online agents can assist you in recovering them.

4. Logging into One’s Account

Checking your email for order confirmation or for additional information, or for messages from the support staff is extremely important. Updates are posted  immediately if any matter arises. Thus, clients need to regularly check their email for notifications etc. You are also welcome to communicate with your writer through our messaging system via your online account on our website, whenever any concern may arise or even for an update.

5. Downloading a Completed Order

When the order is completed on the deadline, please log into your online account on our website and download your order. If you prefer, please contact our support team and we will email it to you upon request.

6. Revision

Revisions are done at no cost to you. In the unlikely event that you find the submitted work unsatisfactory and request a revision the option is available in the first 48 hours after the order’s delivery and , provided you have not changed your instructions after the order is in progress.  You are entitled to make as many revision requests during the first 14 days after the order has been delivered if your initial requirements are not met.

7. Filling in Customer Satisfaction Survey

As a company dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our customers, highly values our clients’ opinions. Thus, one’s feedback on the work submitted is highly appreciated. Please fill out our customer satisfaction survey presented to you when you receive your order.


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