Comparative Exercise custom essay

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Hello, I have to right an essay in which I have to compare two different works of art. Here is an outline which was given by my professor-

Points to consider in the comparative exercise

1 Why am I being asked to compare these two works? What is it that a comparison of these two works might produce in terms of an art historical reflection? The answer to this question should provide you both with the means and the aim to organise your argument

2 Use a standard argument framework

– Introduction
o Entry point
o Space and time
o Thesis (that which will outline the key idea of your comparative analysis)
o Plan (how you will proceed to articulate your thesis)
– Argument (structure)
o Clear parts
o Logical development between the different parts
o Smooth transition between the paragraphs and sections
– Argument (Content)
o Pertinence
o Coherence
o Clarity
o References
o Writing
– Conclusion
o Summary of key elements
o Opening

3 Use comparative axis transversally: one axis (say light, or subject matter, etcetera) to analyse and compare both paintings

4 Elements to consider (these may intertwine):
– Iconography
– Form & style
– Location/ Commission
– Reception
– and importantly art historical sequences (the two works with regard to one another, as well as these two works in a broader art historical pattern)
– and iconology: ie how these works embody specific type of vision to peculiar specific societies

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