Compare and cntrast essay over Economic Recovery. custom essay

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For this essay, you are to consider your topic and write about how specific details from the different sides of your issue are both similar and different. When people argue about your topic, what do they agree about? What do they disagree about? This is how you begin to compare and contrast.

The most important goal of a compare and contrast paper is making it clear what the two sides of the argument are and then how each side has things in common as well as differences. A well-written paper will not leave the reader guessing. You should make the disagreements and the agreements between the opposing sides of the issue clear and relevant.

You will be required to research for this essay. You should choose 3 sources published within the last 12 months that are important to your issue. Remember to make sure you are using a credible source. Review the handout on using MLA in order to include your sources correctly.

Your essay will need a thesis statement, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Without these basic components, your paper will be returned with a grade of zero.

You will be graded on how well you present the information, how well you have tackled the grammar issues, and how well you build an essay that makes your topic clear and easily understood.

You should not use any of the 1st or 2nd person pronouns in this essay.

On the line below your last paragraph, you must enter the word count for your paper. Use the word count function to calculate the number of words in your essay.

Requirements for Paper One:
? 1400 ? 1600 words
? Peer review sheet filled out and attached to final draft.
? 3 sources minimum
? Final Draft submitted to


How does unemployment effect the average person compared to those leaving the Military?
Better or worse?
considering most military are returning disabled… I have to ask myself: Are disabled workers even under federal law; following the law?

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