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Topic Revolutions are often socioeconomic and political explosions which some argue cause more damages and leave more scars on a society,a nation than they brought about positive changes.Compare and contrast two or more socioeconomic and political revolutions that took place in the 20th and / or 21st Century agreeing with the aforementioned claim or disagreeing with it.If in disageement with the aforementioned claim,think of the French philosopher Marcel Proust’s quote “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lanscapes but in having new eyes” as you’re framing and developing your argument Guidelines I believe in Marcel Proust qoute You are to write an introduction paragraph (10 to 15 lines with a clear thesis),an outline(1 to 2 pages)clearly outlining your argument’s main ideas and supporting evidences and a conclusion paragragh(10 to 15 lines). This paper must include : 1) One introduction paragraph (10 to 15 lines).Your introduction paragraph must introduce your topic in a very specific way using a clear definition,a background/context and a developed thesis statement. 2) Your outline must be modeled and structured like the samples of outlines .Your outline must include at least 3 main ideas or key points that your argument is broken into: a)Each main idea or key-point must be supported by at least 2 supporting evidences.You may also include Titles of books, articles,essays,studies…that you plan on using as supporting evidence. b) Each main idea or key point must include a topic sentence clearly stating the idea that will be developed in paragraph in question. 3) A conclusion paragragh (10 to 15 lines).Your conclusion paragraph must reflect back on the key points made in your outline.Your reflections may lead to an alternative or solution to the problems or issues that you’ve underlined in your arguments.

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