Compare and Contrast Essay Custom Essay

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In a Compare/Contrast essay, you must do exactly what the description of the essay says, i.e., compare or contrast two items, evaluating their resemblances and differences. In addition to giving you yet another opportunity to practice ? and, thus, improve ? your writing, the Compare / Contrast essay sharpens your critical thinking skills as well as your understanding of the events and things you compare.
1) Compare or contrast your experience in taking an online course or courses versus that of a traditional course, i.e., in a brick-and-mortar classroom with an instructor in the room.
The specifics:
You may use this online course, another online course, or more than one online course, but you must have experienced the course(s). The traditional course may be from either the secondary or post-secondary level.
Remember that in this type of essay you are not expected to draw a conclusion as to which is better ? this would be an argument paper ? but, rather, let the reader draw his or her own conclusions based on the information offered, i.e., research, statistics, quotes, etc.
You must use at least three outside resources, with correct APA or MLA formatting for in-text citations and a References or Works Cited page.
The length is 1,000 ? 1,250 words, double-spaced.
also give the essay a title

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