compare between sergei Eisenstein, relate to Darrida Custom Essay

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I would like to send brief of course+draft that i have written earlier+feed back of draft.

my tutor have told me that I need to be more clear about second feedback from draft. moreover, she told me that it would be nice to mention and compare between sergei Eisenstein, relate to Darrida (eg. montage in architecture, etc) and Bernard Tshumi, relate to Rem koolhaas (junkspace, etc). moreover she also mentioned paul Virilio (overexposed city), stan allen (mapping the unmappable).

i would like my essay to be research based comparable, argumentive essay which is based on the brief that i am going to attach. It would be nice to focus on how other architects deal with cinematric moment into their architecture.

situationist city by Sadler, Simon and stan allen were presented often in class.

Thank you so much

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