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Writing Assignment: Compare & Contrast Essay Our goal for this assignment is to master the organization of an essay. You will learn how to write a good thesis sentence, how to write topic sentences for body paragraphs, how to select and organize details within the body paragraphs that support the topic sentence. Finally, you will learn how to write a good introduction and conclusion. Assignment: Compose a comparison and contrast essay about two products intended to serve the same purpose. For instance, you can choose two different brands of diapers, two similar cars of different make and model, or two different computer programs. The two items you choose for your topic should be similar enough to be compared. For instance: • Don’t try to do trucks vs. SUVs; instead, compare the Ford Escort (a compact) to the Chevy Cavalier (also a compact). • Don’t try to do Microsoft Word (a word processor) with Mac OSX (an operating system); instead, compare Windows Vista to Mac OSX. Each topic should be compared on similar reference points. Toyota Prius hybrid Reference point Toyota Camry ??? Price ??? ??? Mileage ??? ??? Roominess ??? ??? Trade-in Value ??? ??? Appearance ??? You should focus on creating an interesting introduction containing a narrow, clear, and arguable thesis, writing a body clearly organized around an item-by-item, point-by-point, or combination scheme, including sufficient detail for comparing the two products, writing smooth transitions, and writing a conclusion that reaches a well-reasoned decision about which product is better and why. If you are unsure if your topic is appropriate, send your instructor an email before you begin writing your essay. If the essay is written on any other topic, it will not be graded. Length Requirement: 500 to 600 words, as counted by Microsoft Word in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Diction Requirements: This paper may be partly personal, and is not necessarily formal. Therefore, all personal pronouns are allowed, including “I” and “You,” and contractions are allowed. Adhere strictly to proper grammar and mechanics. Word Processing Requirement: The body of the paper must be typed according to MLA Style guidelines, even if you have no sources. (These are the requirements found in “How to Set Up Your Paper”). The paper MUST be created in .rtf, .doc, or .docx format. Under NO circumstances should you submit this paper in Works (.wps format) or Wordpad (.wpd format). If you do not have Microsoft Word, download OpenOffice from and use it: the program is free (can’t beat that price!), and it has a facility to save in the .doc format. (It also gives you a spreadsheet that is compatible with Excel and a presentation program that is compatible with PowerPoint.) Source Requirement: External sources are allowed, but not required, and an “A” paper needs to include them only if you are using information that is not your own experiences, ideas, or knowledge. You may need to use some online research to get data about your product. If you do use external sources such as websites, you must give credit to those sources. They must be cited in MLA Style. Although the in-text citations and entries on the Works Cited page will not be graded for format, these entries are absolutely necessary to prevent accusations of plagiarism. Please refer on Desire2Learn to Unit 8: MLA Style > Diana Hacker – MLA Style Update 2008 for additional data on how to document sources. **Please, Please I need a good paper! The last paper I ordered from this site I received a F on. I would be happy to use your writer id # to purchase all my papers. Also, I’m female and need something that could be written from this viewpoint. Ty

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