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Compare and contrast the experiences of the protagonist in Ella Deloria’s Waterlily with those of Mary Crow Dog in Lakota Woman. What are the values of Sioux society as they describe them? How did these values affect the way the protagonists dealt with their life struggles? How did the Sioux change between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries? main sources to be used: Lakota woman – Mary Crow Dog waterlily – Ella Cara Deloria You might want to consult the following resources for this topic: Brave Bird, Mary, Christopher Wise, and R. Todd Wise. “A Conversation with Mary Brave Bird.” American Indian Quarterly 24 (2000): 482-493. Gardner, Susan. “’Though It Broke My Heart to Cut Some Bits I Fancied’: Ella Deloria’s Original Design for Waterlily.” American Indian Quarterly 27 (2003): 667-696. the point is to give a close reading of two texts and explain how they relate to the broader history of Native people in North America. The essay is not meant to be a research paper—you should treat it as an exercise in interpretation. Format: All quotations, paraphrases and references should be footnoted according to the Chicago Manual of Style. You must use footnotes when you use a direct quote, a fact that is not general knowledge or an idea that is not your own (even if you are paraphrasing another author). Failure to cite your sources is considered plagiarism, and could result in you failing the assignment or the course Length: 5-7 pages, typed, double-spaced

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