Competitive balance (CB) and uncertainty of outcome in sports economics Custom Essay

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You need to write about competitive balance (CB) and uncertainty of outcome in sports economics in general, and then emphasize on football (soccer).

You are not allowed to use ANY internet source.

I’ll upload the required 10 sources myself and make it very easy for you. If, and only if, you need to add a source, you feel is important, it shouldn’t be an internet one. You are only allowed to use 2 sources other than the ones I’ll upload. This is a very essential condition to this paper!

No shortcuts please!

If you need further explanation, please do not hesitate to ask. Don’t write without having a clear picture. I know there are revisions but would rather have the paper completed correctly in time, please.

Best of luck!

PS: Goossens book competitive balance in European football: comparison by adapting measures: national measure of seasonal imbalance and Top 3(2005) gives a great introduction on the competitive balance subject with reference to the work by Szymanski The Economic Design of Sporting Contests. (2003). Pawlowski et al (2010) summarize almost all the recent studies done on this subject. Whereas, Forrest D & Simmons R. (2002) �Outcome uncertainty and attendance demand in sport: the case of English soccer� gives a good explanation of outcome uncertainty.

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