Computerize Operations of HealthFirst Hospital Foundation HHF Custom Essay

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Your have been contracted by HealthFirst Hospital Foundation (HHF), a charitable organization that provides services to community clinics in Atlanta, Georgia. Due to the organization’s tremendous growth, it will need to computerize its operations. By doing so, HHF will be able to continue to meet the needs of both its benefactors and their employees. To this end, it has decided to move its operation to a more modern facility, where it will install a Local Area Network (LAN), and you will be managing the network implementation.

Department # of Employees
Administration 18
Human Resources 9
Accounting 13
Hospital Relations 12
Media Relations 4
Board Room 0
Total 62

Feasibility of the proposed change

HHF has examined its resources and budgetary constraints and determined that the installation of the LAN is feasible. There is a need to maintain as low a budget as possible.

Project Goals

The goals for the LAN project are as follows:

•Fully functional networked system
•Design a boardroom in which any department’s information can be accessed and expressed
•Illustrate the complete network and boardroom design
•Maintain as low a price as possible
Current state

The new facility consists of 5 six-cubicle work areas and a separate MIS Department and a boardroom. (See the schematic below) Each work area also includes a closed office for the department head.


The deliverables are outlined below:

Begin compiling your project plan by choosing network servers, routers, and hubs. Describe your network model, topology, and selections with an explanation of your choices in a memo to Roger Chen, the chief information officer at HHF. Be sure to use terms and concepts that you have learned in this course.

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