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NOTE: The due date for all assignments is Friday February 17, 2012 to be handed in in-class. Where an assignment is a presentation, the written summary required is to be handed in on February 17th and the date of the presentation will then be scheduled.

For his assignment, students will choose one of the following 3 options:

OPTION 1: A research essay, the topics and format of which are set out below. It is expected that if you choose this option, you will either know how to write a research essay or will immediately arrange with a writing centre of your college or one provided by the University to learn how to do so, including how to do citations and a bibliography. Of all of the assignment options, this is perhaps the most difficult, because a research essay has stringent formal requirements that must be adhered to.

OPTION 2: A short story, the guidelines for which are set out below. This includes a story, a comic book, a screen play or play. If you are not sure that what you are doing qualifies as a story, then contact me and obtain my written consent. If you have never written a short story before, you should either consider obtaining the aid of a writing centre of your college or provided by the University or choose a different option.

OPTION 3: A project or an experiment . Where students choose this option, a proposal setting out the proposed project/experiment must first be submitted to me (see requirements for option 3 set out below) and a written version of the project must be handed in on the due date. However, the written portion will not be marked as stringently as an essay, but it is expected that you will use proper academic English and it will be marked for accuracy, and sources and authorities will be checked. The writing centres provided for by the University can help you, as can the services of the libraries.

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