Conceptual Analysis Custom Essay

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This module will focus on conceptual analysis. We must consider the importance of nursing practice and its relation to concepts. Concepts are the building blocks of theories. These concepts emanate from our experiences in nursing practice and research. Moreover, concepts yield for the development of theory. THE OBJECTIVES OF THIS MODULE ARE:
1. Examine concept clarification/ analysis as an important to theory development.
2. Understand conceptual meaning as an important part of nursing practice

In achieving these objectives you will be able to understand how concepts are used as building blocks to theories.



This is important to note that there are subtle differences between concepts, conceptual meaning and concept clarification. Chinn and Kramer (2008) define concept as a complex mental formulation of experience; conceptual meaning, as something that is created-rather than pre-exist-encompassing various sources of experiences that will shape the meaning of the concept. Concept clarification is a search for meaning and emphasizes the relationship between critical thinking and concept clarification. Each of these paly an important role in theory development since concepts are deemed to be the building blocks of theories. Hemce, without concepts our theories would fall apart because we wouldn’t have any groundwork for understanding our nursing experiences.

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