Conducting an Appraisal Interview Custom Essay

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You are the human resources manager of a retail operation. You need to train supervisors on how to conduct appraisal interviews. This training is for supervisors who have experience in conducting the appraisal interviews as well as for those who would be conducting the interviews for the first time. Your organization is also focused on quality therefore emphasizes on TQM in every aspect.

Create the training in PowerPoint format, with 12-15 slides. Ensure that the training meets the needs of both categories of supervisors and also focuses on the organization’s commitment to TQM. This training PowerPoint would be made available to supervisors for future reference so the training should be comprehensive. Also ensure that each slide is appropriately titled. Make sure you include the following points in your presentation:

* The importance of TQM to the retail operation
* An explanation of the appraisal process
* Guidelines for conducting interviews
* Tips on how to handle employee queries
* Examples of retailers that are using the TQM philosophy in their operations.

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