Confronting Corruption and Misconduct Case Study custom essay

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Confronting Corruption and Misconduct Case Study: An Ethical Dilemma
Situations:1,2 or 5 in the “Ethical Dilemmas” section in the Pollack book found on pages 213-214.
I chose Situation ‘5’:
You (a female police officer) have been working in a small-town police department for about six months. During that time you have been dealing with a fellow police officer who persists in making comments about about how pretty you are, how you don’t look like a police officer, how you shouldn’t be dealing with the “garbage” out on the streets, and so on. He has asked you out more than a dozen times even though you have told him every time that you are not interested and that you want him to stop asking you out and to stop making comments. Although he hasn’t made any derogatory or offensive comments, hi constant attention is beginning to make you not want to go to work. You have a romantic partner, and you are definitely not interested in your fellow officer. You have mentioned it to your Field Training Officer, who is a sort of father figure, but he likes the guy and tells you that you should be flattered. You want to file a sexual harassment charge against him but hesitate because, although you do feel harassed, you don’t feel especially threatened; further, you know that you would encounter negative reactions from the other officers in the department. What should you do?

Using the Library Subject Guide for Criminal Justice, your textbook and other materials within the WebTycho classroom, write a 4-5 page paper that includes analysis of the following questions:

* Summarize the fact pattern and identify which one (1-5)
* What is the ethical dilemma? Why are we uncomfortable with the situation?
* Compare the consequences related to taking ethical action and the consequences for ‘turning the other way? Consider legal, moral, professional consequences.
* Discuss any elements of corruption, misconduct, ‘unjust authority’ or abuse of power
* Does the author of the textbook offer any elements of a code of conduct that might help resolve the dilemma?

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