Consider the presentation of non-western cultural values in travel writing as critiques of the West custom essay

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I want this essay by Wednesday, 12:00 p.m. at noon at Hong Kong time. Please do not DELAY. You should refer to critical and theoretical texts such as the works suggested in class reading lists. You are advised to look beyond the extracts in the reader for examples not already discussed in tutorials Here are some works suggested and provided for reference. Hulme, Peter and Youngs, Tim, The Cambridge Guide to Travel Writing (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002 Holland, Patrick and Graham Huggan, Tourists with Typewriters: Critical Reflections on Contemporary Travel Writing (1998) Steve Clark (ed.) Travel writing and empire : postcolonial theory in transit, Jonathan White (ed.). Recasting the world: writing after colonialism Justin Edwards (ed) Postcolonial Travel Writing Graham Huggan, The postcolonial exotic : marketing the margin Subramanian Shankar, Textual traffic : colonialism, modernity, and the economy of the text Steve Clark (ed.) Travel writing and empire : postcolonial theory in transit James Clifford, Routes : travel and translation in the late twentieth centure Other information referred to the attachments

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