Context of Canadian Culture Custom Essay

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HUMA 1200.9 (Contexts of Canadian Culture) Assignment 3
Value: 15% of your final grade
Length: 7-8 typed, double-spaced pages (approximately 2100-2400 words)
Due date: In Lecture, 8 March 2012
Please note that there are two components to this assignment:
1) the essay itself
2) submission of essay to turnitin
For your essay to be considered on time, you must complete both components of this
assignment by the due date indicated above.
1. Comparison and Contrast Essay
Using TWO of the texts listed on the next page, write a comparison and contrast essay that
answers ONE of the following questions. At least ONE of your texts must be a reading. Also, you
are NOT permitted to write on the text that you are using for your Group Presentation.
1. Compare and contrast how TWO of the listed texts use the metaphor of the border to
emphasize the differences between an us and a them.
2. Compare and contrast how TWO of the listed texts either challenge or reinforce specific
Canadian national myths.
3. Compare and contrast how TWO of the listed texts explore the public/private identity war
through characters who are in conflict with dominant social conventions.
Please note the following:
a) It is of critical importance that your paper analyzes, rather than describes. Your essay
should have an argument that is, it must make a claim about your texts, and then prove this
claim. Avoid plot summary and excessive descriptions of the texts as a whole.
b) This is not a research paper. You are neither expected nor encouraged to use any outside
sources for this assignment.
c) Choose your texts carefully. The breadth and depth of your analysis will depend to a great
extent upon the ways in which your texts speak to one another. As such, you should select
texts that you can fruitfully compare and contrast.
d) The paper should focus on the main themes and main characters of your chosen texts.
References to sub-plots and secondary characters are permitted, but should be used sparingly.
e) Your essay should focus on the similarities and differences between your selected texts. Do
not digress into general, unsubstantiated discussions that are unrelated to your texts.
f) Use direct quotations and specific references in order to ground your discussion in your
two selected texts. Remember that all references to your sources (whether direct or indirect)
must include proper citations.
g) Use course themes and concepts to explore the connections between your chosen texts.
Though you must not simply regurgitate the course lectures, you are encouraged to develop
your arguments by integrating concepts from lecture into your discussion.Your essay should compare and contrast at least TWO of the following texts:
Fire and Ice (assigned excerpts)
Canada’s Water: For Sale? (assigned excerpts)
Never Cry Wolf
Home Game (assigned excerpts)

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